Be Highly Searchable for Recruiters with Mentor India’s New Resume Builder

A rightly structured resume puts the right first impression on the probable employer. It is thus important to present your professional information in complete and clear manner. To make your resume building tasks simpler, Mentor India is out with an Online Resume Builder application which helps the users to present their professional achievements in a perfect manner.

This solution gets rid of the need for confusing multiple word and PDF documents, filling the text boxes, choosing the right font sizes, etc while updating one’s document. The process has been completely redesigned by Mentor India. All you need to do is fill the required fields, upload a (smart) image of you and you are done with a professional résumé.

Mentor India aims to make your dream job search experience simple and fruitful. For this we offer you the right tools and opportunities which make it possible for you to easily find what you’re searching out for. Our online resume builder allows the users to build a neat and effective resume, which can be customized as per their liking. One can also choose which information is to be made visible and to whom. You can at any time easily export your resume as a PDF file and print a copy of it.

Your resume shall be synced with your professional LinkedIn profile as well, and would be a one-stop for all professional information about you.

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