Our core client is the youth of this country who wants to be employed and skilled, wants to upgrade himself/herself and become a productive member of the millennial. The industry brims with theories of what makes the millennials tick. We at Mentor India believe that the youth in this country want to leverage their position in the global job market.

Given the country’s huge youth population, employability and skilling have become two of the biggest challenges for our country’s growth. We believe given the opportunity to grow, to ups-kill, a chance for upward mobility, the youth of this country will grab it with both their hands.

Mentor India mobilizes the youth by conducting door-to-door canvassing in urban and village locales in Punjab, Haryana Uttaranchal and Himachal Pradesh. We make announcements for free skill Training at villages. We contact NGO’s, Govt organisations, village Panchayats. We attend the monthly general house meetings conducted by the BDO & District Officers, to apprise them of our free skill training course enrolment drive.

We urge upon the employed and unemployed, the tech-savvy and the non-techies, the skilled and the non-skilled to seek their cooperation and help, in encouraging the youth and college drop-outs to join us.

We Are Social

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